Learner Diversity and Equity Committee

The Learner Diversity and Equity Committee is responsible for the study and advocacy of diversity and equity issues within Local 38 with an emphasis on enhancing teacher awareness, capacity and practice. This work will be completed through the creation of networks of support and the coordination of efforts of provincial and local organizations/associations.

Teacher and Student Links for Learner Diversity, Equity and Human Rights: Visit this page for Diversity Support resources!

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Committee Meeting Dates 2022 - 2023
Committee Meeting Dates 2023 - 2024
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Local 38 Antiracist Teachers Network 

The ATA Local 38 Antiracist Teachers’ Network is a sub-committee from the Learner Diversity & Equity Committee designed to help support educators who are passionately engaging in antiracism work within their schools by creating opportunities to connect with antiracist leaders across the system. This committee is also designed to bring in antiracist educators who are interested in creating antiracism learning opportunities and resources for all Local 38 members. The ATN provides ongoing learning opportunities with experts in the field for antiracist leaders to deepen their understanding, as well as opportunities to collaborate together to move forward antiracism work in the system. 

If you are interested in joining the Local 38 Antiracist Teachers Network, please fill out this form so you can be added to our mailing list. This committee meets once a month on Thursday evenings, with opportunities to meet more frequently, depending on sub-committee sign up, or professional learning opportunities.