What to do if you think a C2 Recommendation has not been followed...

(either at your school or in the district)

C2 Recommendations Summary
  1. The establishment of jurisdictional congruity in expectations between school-based administrators to address the volume and content of Results Reporting comments.
  2. Parameters for report card comments need to respect teacher professionalism and judgment.
  3. Reasonable expectations need to be created such that report cards have greater consistency and system congruence in terms of expectations when it comes to report card comment writing.
  4. Clear direction needs to be provided regarding Interim Reports. Setting clear parameters might ensure congruity between schools regarding teacher/parent expectations regarding written reports.
  5. The Calgary Board of Education implement smart forms with drop down menus related to the educational outcomes, particularly when A- Trips are occurring to common educational venues.
  6. A simple change to make the dates/deadlines for updating IPP information the same as the report card is highly supportive of reducing teacher workload and supporting efficacy.
  7. The IPP templates need to be modified and can be streamlined. In addition, the IPP templates should be standardized to be similar to the kindergarten Code 30 IPP template.
  8. Creation of a digital on-line companion resource guide regarding most promising practices related to common issues or diagnosis. Such a companion resource would be of great benefit to teachers and/or administrators encountering some complex student concerns for the first time.
  9. The Chief Superintendent and the Calgary Board of Education Trustees continue to advocate Alberta Education to provide predictable, sustainable funding to address class size and composition.
  10. An integrated technological environment to simplify and improve the efficiency of the daily work of teachers and administrators. As such, this recommendation is seen as a priority.
  11. Wherever and whenever possible, teacher judgment be supported by practices and policies as a means to reduce workload and better support efficacy. Specifically, the electronic information submitted as well as the processes utilized should reflect teacher judgment rather than emphasize standardized data entry.
  12. School wide discussion and understanding of what constitutes ‘reasonable expectations’ about teacher workload, efficacy and involvement in matters related to learning, assessment and culture occur. Reinforcing the use of the Staff Involvement in School Decisions form is a significant aspect of this recommendation.
  13. All schools include in their School Development and Renewal Plan (SDRP) that teacher efficacy receive significant attention and discussion. School strategies to address efficacy and attend to teacher workload within the school context are the intended outcomes of this recommendation.
  14. Teachers have increased influence and direction over time allocation within the jurisdiction over the school year as an opportunity to exercise professional judgement.
  15. The promising practices gathered and identified through the ThoughtStream process be shared at divisional, Area, role related and/or self-selected professional learning communities (PLCs).
  16. The sharing of promising practices be given dedicated time, attention and support within the jurisdiction, to foster greater efficacy and understanding of how to reduce teacher workload while better supporting student learning and achievement. 
For your convenience, the C2 Recommendations have been summarized to the right.  There is an expectation for action to be taken with regards to the C2 recommendations.  Occasionally, a district will act, but individual schools may not be in compliance with district directives.  Review the advice below and determine the appropriate course of action based on your situation.

If a Recommendation is Not Being Followed at a Single School
The first task is for a teacher/teachers at the school to approach the administration and identify that there is an expectation for C2 recommendations to be adhered to.  Be conscious of the Code of Professional Conduct in these situations - call ATA Member Services (403-265-2672) for advice on how to proceed before taking action.

If no action is taken, teachers should immediately contact Local 38 and identify the issue.  Local 38 will promptly bring the matter to the Chief Superintendent.  It is possible for the Local to file a grievance in the event of no action being taken.

If a Recommendation is Not Being Followed by the District
Teachers who believe a C2 Recommendation is not being acted upon by the district should lodge a complaint via email to Local 38 staff and the Economic Policy Committee Chair.  This complaint will be heard by the Economic Policy Committee after staff have gathered specifics and evidence from teachers and principals. An appropriate course of action will be determined by the EPC, which could include immediately raising the issue with the Chief Superintendent, followed by a policy grievance if action is not taken.