Recommendations of the 2016 Report Card Ad-Hoc Committee

Presented 2016 June 1 to CSR

Due to consistent concerns expressed by teachers about the new CBE K-9 report card, at the 2015 December 2 meeting of Local 38's Executive Committee, a motion was passed creating an Ad Hoc Committee to review the report card.

The motion authorizing the creation of the committee and providing its mandate was:

“That Executive Committee authorizes the creation of an Ad-Hoc Committee on Reporting, Comprised of the President, two members of Executive and four members-at-large, for the purposes of:

1) refining the common report card template,

2) clarifying Local 38 teachers’ values on a) report card comment volume, b) reporting frequency, and c) parent-teacher conference frequency, and clarifying all supporting documents

3) to report to Executive on or before May 25, 2016,

4) to report to CSR on or before June 1, 2016, and

5) that the final report be presented to the Chief Superintendent before the end of the current school year.”

The final recommendations of this committee may be found via the documents below: