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The Legislated Framework's Internal Teacher Workload Review

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January 2014 Report - Plan of Action
March 2014 - Survey Results & Demographic Information
June 2014 Report - Recommendations
February 2015 Report - Progress on Recommendations
June 2015 Report - Update on Actions Taken and Planned Actions
November 2015 Update - Plans for Teacher Feedback
June 2016 - Final Update

What To Do If...

...your school site has created an initiative causing increased workload.
...you are involved in a new district initiative causing an increased workload.
...you believe a C2 Recommendation has not been acted upon.

On 2013 May 27, the Alberta government legislated the Assurance for Students Act, mandating the Framework Agreement and setting wages for teachers for the next four years. The Framework and accompanying Ministerial Order also laid out expectations for School Boards to create internal committees with an eye to examining jurisdiction-initiated tasks and/or policies which could be modified or eliminated to reduce teacher workload and improve teacher efficacy.

Upon the ratification of this Framework Agreement, within each school jurisdiction a joint committee will be established and maintained for at least the duration ofthis Framework Agreement to design, direct and conduct internal reviews to determine what jurisdiction- initiated tasks or policies can be eliminated or modified to reduce teacher workload and improve teacher efficacy. The committee shall be comprised of representatives of the School Jurisdiction named by the School Jurisdiction, teachers named by the Association Bargaining Unit and a facilitator provided by Alberta Education. The school jurisdiction and Association Bargaining Unit shall jointly determine the size and composition of the committee such that it reflects the diversity of teaching circumstances across the jurisdiction.

The Committee shall complete an initial report by October 31, 2013 including recommendations for further study and an initial action plan. The report shall be provided to the three parties to this Framework Agreement. In implementing the initial and subsequent action plans, the School Jurisdiction shall consult with the Association Bargaining Unit, but shall make final decisions concerning the changes to School Jurisdiction determined policies and practices, reporting the same to the Committee. This Committee shall meet at least semi-annually.

Subsequent to Oct 31, 2013, a teacher or a group of teachers from one school may appeal to the principal and, if necessary to the superintendent, if they believe the issues in the report have not been addressed or in the event no report is released. If they are not satisfied by the decision of the superintendent, the Association may refer the matter to the Exceptions Committee as outlined in Part C 10. This Exceptions Committee will provide recommendations to all parties. 

These internal committees, having become known as "C2 Committees" (referring to the part and clause of the Framework Agreement which creates those bodies), met regularly during their active term. The Final Update (June 2016) provides the results of the committee's investigations.

For additional information, see the C2 page maintained by the Calgary Board of Education.