Issues in Education

Beyond Expectations: Everyday Stories of Creativity & Innovation in Calgary Public Schools

In a symposium held on 2014 February 12, Andy Hargreaves spoke to Calgary teachers about uplifting leadership - principles that are key to successful transformation in education.  This publication chronicles some of the uplifting success stories already present in Calgary public schools. View the publication here.

Transformation and a Culture of Trust

This followup to the 2010 publication of Leading Our Future Together and 2013 teaching and learning conditions survey maps out a concrete direction for creating the necessary conditions to support sustainable transformation in schools. When a shared value of education stakeholders is meeting the needs of all children, school staff and district leaders all have a role to play in transforming current practice and growing into an organizational culture that helps us to achieve great schools for all. View the publication here.

Exploring Our Future Together

In 2011 & 2012, Calgary Public Teachers engaged community stakeholders in conversations about some of the most important issues facing education in Calgary today - Engaged Citizenship, Student Diversity and Assessment, and Healthy Working Conditions. Now, in Exploring Our Future Together, Calgary Public Teachers summarizes the key points from these symposia and touches on future directions for education in Calgary. This publication lends itself well to discussion groups and conversations around the water cooler! As we continue the work of Leading Our Future Together, Calgary Public Teachers continues to be a strong voice in advocating for positive change in public education. View the publication here.  

Calgary Public Teachers Respond to CBE AISI Cycle 5

 In September, School Representatives provided the Local with feedback on the foundations of personalized learning (the theme of CBE's AISI Cycle 5 project). This report summarizes those responses and has been forwarded to stakeholders.

Working Our Future Together

On April 18, 2012, Dr. Linda Duxbury spoke at the Carriage House Inn about her recent work-life balance survey. Approximately 1,000 Calgary teachers responded. If you missed being at the symposium, you can watch here to begin to understand the results, as well as the implications for teachers experiencing work/life imbalance. 

Facing Our Future Together 

Calgary Public Teachers, ATA Local 38 produced the video Facing Our Future Together to help our members understand the nature of collective bargaining, the history of collective bargaining in Local 38, the important role the Local and the Association plays in advocating for education in Calgary and Alberta, and the value teachers place on their Association.


Diversity and Assessment Symposium a Big Hit! 

More than 130 people attended Calgary Public Teachers' symposium at the Carriage House Inn on Monday, October 17 to listen to Dennis Shirley, Dennis Sumara and Eryn Kelly share their views on Diversity and Assessment: Learning It/Sharing It. As a lasting gift, Dennis Shirley has given us access to his latest scholarly article published online in the Journal of Educational Change - The Fourth Way of technology and change

The New Work of Teaching

In the spring of 2011, twenty Calgary Public teachers participated in a one week pilot study documenting in detail how they spent their time. Their work resulted in this case study about the worklife of Calgary Public teachers. Click here to read what we learned, how it compares with other teacher workload studies, and the implications and recommendations that cannot be ignored.

Leading Our Future Together: Necessary Conditions for Shared Leadership in Calgary Public Schools

Calgary Public Teachers' ATA Local 38 conducted a comprehensive Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey in the spring of 2010. We received a tremendous response that helped us identify a number of trends and issues which impact our students' learning environment and our teachers' working conditions. The Local responded by creating a position paper intended to clarify our position on these trends and issues, aimed at (1) advancing the professional role of teachers as educational leaders, (2) removing obstacles to students' readiness to learn and (3) improving the teaching and learning conditions in Calgary Public Schools. Click here to download the position paper. Click here to view the powerpoint presentation from the January 12, 2011 CSR meeting where the position paper was officially launched.

The Changing Landscapes of the Next Calgary

 Local 38's Executive and Strategic Planning Committees, along with five invitees, had a conversation at their April Retreat about the big picture issues facing teachers in Calgary now and in the future. The short video produced, linked in two parts, shares highlights about the growth and sustainability challenges that face Calgary and its public education system as it strives to become part of an innovative and adaptive Alberta. To view Part A of the video, click here. To view Part B of the video, click here.
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