Calgary Public Teachers CARE – Rebate Program

The objective of the Calgary Public Teachers CARE program is to show that teachers are active, engaged professionals who care about the community and support charitable causes. 

Calgary Public Teachers ATA Local 38 is offering its members an opportunity to receive a rebate for their participation in support of registered charities in Alberta. Rebates are available under two different categories.  Teachers may apply to the fund multiple times in each calendar year up to a maximum of $50 per person per year.  Applications may be to either of the categories, but members may not apply to both categories of reimbursement for the same activity.  Use a separate form for each activity application.

Option A)  Charitable Athletic Event Rebate

Under this program, “Charitable Athletic Events” are defined as events that take place in Alberta where a teacher participates in a physical activity in order to fundraise for, or promote the cause of, a registered charity.  In this case, Calgary Public Teachers will rebate up to $50 of the registration fee for participating in charitable athletic events.

Option B)  Voluntary Service Rebate

If a member actively volunteers their service for a registered charity in Alberta, Calgary Public Teachers will reimburse that member’s financial donation to that same charity to a maximum of $50 per charity per calendar year.

To receive the rebate, you must follow these steps:

1  A)    For athletic events: Register for the Charitable Athletic Event and pay the registration fee. Make sure you obtain a receipt.  
    B)    For volunteer activities:  Donate an amount for up to $50 to the registered charity you plan on providing voluntary service towards.  Make sure you obtain a receipt.

2.    Fill out the rebate application form and attach a photocopy or the original receipt for the registration fee payment (athletic event) OR charitable donation (volunteer opportunity).

3.    Submit the form to the Calgary Public Teachers ATA Local 38 office at least two weeks prior to the event by emailing documents to  

4.    The Local office will send the applicant some large stickers that promotes Calgary Public Teachers. Teachers are expected to wear the swag during their participation in the athletic event or provision of voluntary service. 

5.    After completion of the event/volunteer service, participants are expected to send a digital photo of themselves sporting the swag while at their chosen activity to the Local office as well as a void cheque or direct deposit authorization from their bank for reimbursement.

6.    After receipt of the photo, Calgary Public Teachers will issue you a direct deposit reimbursement of:
a)  up to $50 registration fee reimbursement for a charitable athletic event you have participated in.
b)  up to $50 to reimburse a donation to a registered charity you have provided voluntary service towards.

7.    Have fun!