Employee & Family Assistance Program

All teachers in the Calgary Board of Education (and their family members) may access the Homewood Health Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) free of charge.

Homewood Health offers counselling, coaching, resources, information, and support for all types of issues relating to mental health, health management, and achieving greater personal and workplace wellbeing. All of the services offered by Homewood Health are strictly confidential. Homewood Health goes to extraordinary lengths to protect all personal information and to ensure privacy.

How You Can Benefit

Everyone can benefit from the services that Homewood Health has to offer. The EFAP is designed to help you tackle everyday life issues and help you achieve better life balance and prevent problems from becoming overwhelming.  EFAP will support you through:

  • life stage transitions from marriage to birth of a child,
  • parenting,
  • family challenges,
  • career changes,
  • bereavement or planning your retirement,
  • dealing with depression, anxiety, fear, addictions,
  • and much more!

The EFAP provides immediate assistance in times of crisis. No matter where you may be working or travelling, Homewood Health services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

EFAP Services

Counselling Service: Face-to-Face Counselling, Telephonic Support, Video Counselling, Online e-Counselling

Online Resources: e-Learning Courses, Health Risk Assessment, Interactive Tools, Library of medical information and Health and Workplace Articles

Life Smart Coaching: Lifestyle & Speciality Counselling and Coaching.

See the full catalog of services available here.

What to Expect when Contacting Homewood Health

When you first contact Homewood Health, you’ll speak with a qualified intake Support Specialist who will:

  • Assess your situation (Please note: for safety reasons you will be asked if you may cause potential harm to self or others)
  • Assess your needs and preferences, and guide you to the assistance best suited to resolving your concerns.  (you do not need to know what service you want, you just need to provide information about what you are currently experiencing.)
  • The specialist will ask you a few brief questions, including the name of your organization and your date of birth so that they know they are talking to the right person and so they can confirm all the services available to you as part of your benefit coverage.
  • All of the information shared with Homewood Health, and the advice provided to you by Homewood Health specialists, is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone, including the employer.