Supports for English Language Learners

LearnAlberta K-12 ESL Proficiency Benchmark Information
Introduction to the benchmarking site.  Information on Communicative Competence by strand, assessment tips, and writing samples.

Tracking Sheets
Alberta K-12 ESL Proficiency Benchmarks Tracking Sheets.

Printable Proficiency Benchmarks With Examples + Division Level Summaries
A resource site maintained by, this repository provides teachers from every division with an opportunity to access benchmarking.

Alberta Education ELL Writing Samples
Writing samples supporting ELL instruction in every grade.

Supporting English Language Learners Videos 
This collection of videos provides teachers of English Language Learners with an introduction to understanding language proficiency and using the Benchmarks. Classroom scenarios demonstrate how language and content can be taught simultaneously and how students at all proficiency levels can participate in classroom discussions and learning activities.

English as a Second Language Council 
Alberta Teachers’ Association specialist’s council dealing specifically with pedagogy relating to ELL teaching.

Many Things.Org
Vocabulary, language-learning exercises and other interesting things for ESL students.

A guide to lesson plans, teacher support and professional development.

Grammar Rules
Suitable for the Division 4 independent writer.

Learn English Grammar Online
Interesting Site with a variety of activities and links for classroom lessons, computer activities and games.

Activities 4 ESL Students 
Activities for English Language Learners to do independently on the computer.

Learn American Language Online 
This site has levels for students to work through on the computer.

Fun English Games 
Interactive games and activities.