Personal Leave & Principal/AP Lieu Days

Personal Days

  1. All teachers on contract are entitled to personal leave.
  2. One of the five personal leave days granted annually can be with full pay and benefits. To access the full pay and benefit personal leave day, in SmartFindExpress, use code 30 – Paid Personal Leave.
  3. The remaining four personal days are granted at a partial pay deduction. The code in SmartFindExpress for these four personal leave days is 34 – Teacher Unspecified Leave/Personal Day.
  4. It is not intended that personal leave be used during Teachers’ Convention or to extend holiday periods.  For these purposes, a "holiday period" means to any scheduled break in school operational days of greater than four days.
  5. Operational Needs: the teacher requesting leave must ensure that a substitute has been secured and a lesson plan is in place for the day to be taken off.  Other factors related to the operations of your school may also need to be considered.
  6. Because this is a personal leave day, the teacher will ultimately decide when they take the day provided the operational needs of the school are met.
  7. Teachers should provide a minimum notice of two (2) days to their administrator, wherever possible (with the understanding that sometimes emergent circumstances prevent the ability to give such notice).
  8. Teachers may take personal leave on a non-instructional day.  In that case, “operational expectations” would also require that the teacher connect with the principal or designate following the day to be brought up to speed with respect to any professional development activities that may have taken place on that day; and/or any organization matters that need to be dealt with that did not occur as a result of missing that day.


At the conclusion of the school year, teachers who have not utilized all of their personal days may carry over up to two (2) days into the next school year.  The paid personal day is the first day what will be carried over into the next year if it has not been used.  One of the personal days at partial salary deduction would be the second day considered for carryover.  If the teacher has used their paid personal day, up to two unused personal days at partial salary deduction would be carried over.  This means that a teacher might be able to access up to seven personal leave days in any given school year, if two had been carried over from the year previous.  Note that if there is a break in employment for the teacher (e.g. the school year begins and the teacher is not on contract), personal leave days are not carried over.

Members also have the option of accessing a lengthy personal leave at full salary deduction, otherwise known as a general leave. If you are considering this option, please contact the Local 38 office to discuss the process and impact of this decision. 

Principal & AP Lieu Days

  1. All principals are allowed Lieu Time leave up to and including two (2) days in any one school year. All Assistant Principals are granted up to and including one (1) day of Lieu Time in any one school year.
  2. This Lieu Time is provided in addition to the Personal Leave days described above, to which principals and APs are also entitled.
  3. Principals should use the SmartFindExpress code 33 "Principal Lieu Time" for booking these absences, up to the maximum two days.  APs should use the SmartFindExpress code 32 "Assistant Principal Lieu Day" for booking these absences.
  4. Lieu days for both principals and APs must be taken prior to June 1 of each year at a time mutually agreeable to the principal/AP and superintendent or designate (e.g.: Area Director).
  5. Lieu days not used by the end of the year are lost and are not paid out under any circumstances.