News Items

07-May-2024 2024 High School Member Representative Election Results
19-Mar-2024 2024 Election Results
05-Mar-2024 2024 Election Candidates
04-Mar-2024 2024 Local Elections
19-Oct-2023 DEHR Committee Chair By-Election
29-Aug-2023 Professional System Support Member Representative By-Election
27-Apr-2023 Elementary Member Representative ByElection
28-Oct-2022 Substitute Member Representative By-Election Results
04-Oct-2022 By-Election for Substitute Member Representative
06-Jun-2022 2022 Mediators Recommendations
05-May-2022 2022 Election Results
03-May-2022 2022 Election Voting Instructions
02-Mar-2022 2022 Election Candidates
02-Mar-2022 2022 Local Elections
31-May-2021 Professional Development Chair Acclaimed in By-Election
14-May-2021 Professional Development Committee Chair By-Election
11-May-2021 2021 Committee Elections
04-Mar-2021 Open Letter to Trustees Regarding the Renaming of Langevin School
05-May-2020 2020 Committee Elections
20-Apr-2020 2020 Election Results
05-Feb-2020 2020 Election Candidates
20-Jan-2020 2020 Local Elections
27-Nov-2019 Information for Teachers Impacted by Layoffs
20-Sep-2019 STG First Aid PD
05-Sep-2019 TWC Chair Acclaimed in By-Election
10-Jul-2019 Bill 9 Charter Challenge Launched
20-Jun-2019 Teacher Welfare Committee Chair By-Election
28-May-2019 Communications Chair Acclaimed in By-Election
09-May-2019 Communications Chair By-election
07-Mar-2019 March 2019 CCTCA Nominations
07-Feb-2019 Trustees Present to CSR
11-Oct-2018 What Happened in High School Matters
21-Sep-2018 Principal and Elementary Member Representatives Acclaimed
04-Sep-2018 By-elections for Principal and Elementary Member Representatives
18-Apr-2018 2018 Election Results
12-Apr-2018 2017 Class Size Census Results
08-Mar-2018 2018 Election Candidates
01-Mar-2018 Memorandum of Agreement Ratified
25-Jan-2018 2018 Executive Elections
20-Sep-2017 Professional System Support Member Representative Acclaimed in By-Election
04-May-2017 2016 Class Size Census Results
15-Mar-2017 CCTCA Board Positions
23-Feb-2017 2017 Member Fee Increase
16-Sep-2016 Principal Member Representative Elected By Acclamation
18-Apr-2016 2016 Election Results
24-Feb-2016 8 Ways To Stay Informed
10-Feb-2016 Notice of Nominations - 2016 Elections
04-Feb-2016 2015 Class Size Census Results
01-Dec-2015 Pop-Up PD at CCTCA 2016
20-Nov-2015 Bill 5
04-Nov-2015 Substitute Member Representative By-election Results
09-Oct-2015 CCTCA Fee Increase
09-Oct-2015 Substitute Member Representative Election
24-Apr-2015 All Party Forum On Public Education
01-Apr-2015 Minister of Education
27-Mar-2015 Alberta Budget 2015 Implications
12-Mar-2015 Convention Polling Results
09-Feb-2015 Teacher Wage Rollbacks
11-Dec-2014 Interim Economic Policy Committee Chair Elected
22-May-2014 Curriculum Development Prototyping
09-May-2014 Task Force For Teaching Excellence
31-Mar-2014 Critical Thinking PD
28-Feb-2014 Local Elections Notice of Nominations
28-Feb-2014 Transformation and a Culture of Trust
28-Feb-2014 Teachers Approve New Collective Agreement
28-Feb-2014 LDEC ATA Local Scholarship
28-Feb-2014 New Teachers' Reception and Induction
21-Feb-2013 Teachers' Convention Poll Results
28-May-2012 Why I Chose to Become Involved
02-Mar-2012 Making A Difference
20-Jan-2012 Sixteen Years of Teaching
05-Dec-2011 Accidental Engagement