Current Workshop Opportunities

All events sponsored by your Calgary Public Teachers Professional Development Committee

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 Workshop Title   Registration Link Registration Deadline Workshop Date(s)
Mental Health: ConnecTeen- Talk On Your Terms  CLOSED Wednesday 2021 September 22 
 How to do the Work: BuildingYour Toolkit to Build Equity and be an Ally CLOSED Tuesday 2021 September 28 
 Mentorship Program 2021-2022 CLOSED

2021 Oct 28      2022 Jan 27     2022 May 26

 Indigenous Learning Series 1 of 6: Strengthening the Heartbeat of Reconciliation CLOSED  Friday 2021 October 8
 Fundamentals of POGIL Virtual Workshop CLOSED Wednesday 2021 October 20 
 Indigenous Learning Series 2 of 6: the History and Legacy of Residential Schools CLOSED  Friday 2021 November 12
 Reignite: Building Resilience in the Age of Burnout - with Dr Jody Carrington CLOSED Wednesday 2021 November 3 
 Elementary Teacher Collaboration: Choose Your Own PD CLOSED  Thursday, 2021 November 4
 Junior High - High School Teacher Collaboration: Choose Your Own PD CLOSED  Thursday, 2021 November 4
 Indigenous Learning Series 3 of 6: How to Respectfully Engage with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers  CLOSED  Friday 2021 November 26
 Move to Learn - Brain Gym for Teachers CLOSED


2021 Nov 16

2021 Dec 7

2022 Jan 18

2022 Feb 8

2022 Mar 1

 Indigenous Learning Series 4 of 6: tapwewin: Dismantling Anti-Indigenous Racism CLOSED  2022 January 31
 Our Students' Mental Health + Wellness - Jess Leblanc CLOSED  2022 February 4
 Indigenous Learning Series 5 of 6: The Sixties Scoop- Understanding the Implications and Contributing Toward Reconciliation CLOSED  2022 March 11
 Diversity and Inclusion: Do You Hear Me, Do You See Me, Do I Matter to You? CLOSED Monday, 2022 April 11  
 Strategies and Tools to Process and Cope with Grief, Loss and Trauma CLOSED

Thursdays, Part 1: April 14

Part 2: April 21

 Anti-Racism in the Classroom -with Dr. Sonia Aujla-Bhullar CLOSED Tuesday, 2022 April 26
 Indigenous Learning Series 6 of 6: Applying First Nations, Metis and Inuit Foundational Knowledge: Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation CLOSED Friday 2022 May 20 
 Medicine Wheel Teaching & Medicine Bag CLOSED  Thursday 2022 May 12
 Equity 101: Putting the Work into Practice CLOSED  Tuesday 2022 May 10
 Systemic Racism and Allyship in Education- Presented by the Black Teachers Association CLOSED  Thursday, 2022 May 5
LDEC Medicine Wheel Teaching- Medicine Bag  CLOSED  Saturday 2022 May 28
 Teen Mental Health & Identity: When Who We Are Shadows How We Are CLOSED  Tuesday 2022 May 24