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Current Fund Status

Staff Development Fund - Funds Remaining for 2023/2024 school year
Updated 2024 June 21

0  0 $17,536.00 $3,062.00
Activities occurring
2023 September 1 - 2024 January 31
Activities occurring 
2024 February 1 - 2024 June 30 
Activities occurring 
2024 July 1 - 2024 August 31 
2023 September 1 - 2024 August 31

Staff Development Fund - SPECIAL INITIATIVE FUNDING for 2023/2024 school year


Supporting teachers in their work with Truth & Reconciliation for Indigenous Peoples

  • Up to $2000 per school
  • Applications accepted on a per-school basis
  • Applications may be submitted by the principal only
  • Applications must include a description about the activity's connection to Truth & Reconciliation

Establishing Information

Current Staff Development Fund Guidelines

SDF Individual Application Form 2024 -2025
SDF Group Application Form 2024 - 2025
Travel Authorization within Alberta
SIF Special Initiative Funding 2023-2024

As per the Collective Agreement between The Board of Trustees of the Calgary Board of Education and The Alberta Teachers' Association, Local 38, this Fund is “available for professional development of teachers or groups of teachers.” The function of the Fund is to assist individuals in pursuing professional development activities linked to professional practice.

Funding may include registration fees, individual expenses and the cost of substitute teachers. It is not intended that the Staff Development Fund be used for payment of fees for courses or activities whose primary focus is personal development, nor for exchanges with other school jurisdictions.


Calgary Public Teachers administers the ATA Staff Development Fund. Effective 2017 September 1, fund allocation will be as follows:

  • For activities occurring September 1 –  January 31, a maximum of 50% of the fund will be allocated;
  • For activities occurring February 1 –  June 30, a maximum 45% of the fund will be allocated;
  • For activities occurring July 1 –  August 31, a maximum of 5% of the fund will be allocated.

All enquiries regarding the Staff Development Fund should be directed to the Staff Development Fund Administrator. Applications and expense claims may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. Interschool mail
    SDF Administrator
    Calgary Public Teachers, ATA Local 38
    c/o CBE Mailroom
  2. Via Email (
The administrator may be contacted by telephone at 403-262-6616 or through e-mail at: