Finance Committee

Welcome to the Finance Committee page. 

Our mandate is to oversee the spending and budgeting ventures of Local 38. It is our goal to facilitate worthwhile projects that effectively meet the needs of our membership while maintaining a fiscally responsible vision for the long-term viability of the Local. We are always cognizant of the fact that the membership, through the Local levy of Alberta Teachers’ Association union dues, funds our work. We strive to ensure that all spending and budgeting is prudent and reflects the values and mission of Local 38.

Each year Finance Committee meets to prepare the operating budget. Throughout this process we consider the needs of all our committees, groups and employees. Thoughtful discussions and careful reflection occur as we contemplate each and every request. It is very gratifying to present the budget to the Council of School Representatives. It is this group that is granted the authority to alter, reject or approve the budget. Finance Committee does not have the power or the desire to act unilaterally. Instead we seek recommendations from Executive Committee and key stakeholders, and then approach CSR for final approval.

The each school year promises to be one filled with excitement and opportunity, and the members of Finance Committee are eager to proceed with the year’s challenges.

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