2017 Local Levy Fee Increase - Ballot Results

Members vote to increase fees by $2 per member per month

During the Council of School Representatives meeting held 2016 December 7, school representatives from each CBE site voted in favour of changing the distribution ratio of the Local Levy in order to cover a funding shortfall being experienced by the Calgary City Teachers' Convention Association. As a result, the Local 38 office faced a potential annual deficit of more than $150,000. The question of whether to raise the Local Levy by $2 per member per month in order to restore funding for the Local office back to its original level was put to the membership by paper ballot - voting was conducted in schools around 2017 February 3.

Ballots were due to be returned to Local 38 staff on or before the Executive Committee meeting of 2017 February 22, where the count of the ballot occurred.

The ballot motion was "BE IT RESOLVED that Calgary Public Teachers, Alberta Teachers' Association, Local 38 increase the Local Supplementary Levy to $168 per year per full time and part time teacher, $72 of which is designated to operations of the Local 38 office and $96 of which is designated to the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Association."?  Members were also provided with an opportunity to review the rationale for the fee increase on the upper portion of the ballot.

The results of the ballot were as follows:

YES 2486
NO 1863
TOTAL 4353

The fee increase was approved by more than 57% of those who cast ballots; it will become effective sometime during the current school year.