Frank Bruseker Named New Minister of Education

Local 38 President Joins Prentice Cabinet as Newest Unelected Minister

April 1, 2015


In a surprise move Wednesday, Premier Jim Prentice announced the resignation of MLA and Minister of Education Gordon Dirks.  Prentice refused to disclose the details of Dirks' reasons for resigning, but did note "he made his decision for very good reasons."

Immediately following Dirks' resignation, Prentice announced that he would be appointing Frank Bruseker as the new Minister of Education.  "Frank brings a wealth of experience to the table, both as a former MLA and as past president of the Alberta Teachers' Association."

For his part, Bruseker was thrilled. "I've been a fan of my good friend Jim Prentice for a long time. I can't wait to get to work and support Albertans in this new role."

As school boards across the province face the prospects of a "hold-the-line" budget, Bruseker made assurances that changes were coming under his leadership. "I'm certain that my good friend Jim Prentice will listen closely to the advice of teaching professionals. It makes all kinds of sense to hire more teachers when more students come into the system. This government certainly doesn't think of children as sardines that can be packed into a tiny tin can."

"Frank will be the best Minister of Education in our province's history," Prentice stated boldly. "With his vision and depth of experience, Alberta will remain one of the best in the world when it comes to the education of children."

Asked what his first move would be as the new Minister, Bruseker replied that "class size reductions are our top priority.  The Premier and I are adamant in our belief that teachers need small classes to give every child the attention they need to be successful. Honestly, how could you see it any other way?"  Prentice, meanwhile, nodded vigorously in agreement.

Alberta Teachers' Association Local 38 Vice Presidents Heide Doppmeier and Earl Clayton offered their congratulations to Bruseker.  "Calgary teachers are very proud of our former President," Doppmeier said.

Local 38 staff announced that an election will be held in the coming months to replace Bruseker, as he has resigned his position as Local President.