Resignation from the CBE

Writing your retirement letter

The following information mirrors advice on the CBE Staff insite...

Follow the steps below to initiate your resignation or retirement.

Initiate your resignation

  1. Create and sign a resignation letter.
  2. Make a copy of the letter for your Principal or exempt supervisor and one for your own records.
  3. Meet with your Principal or exempt supervisor to advise them of your decision to leave the employment of Calgary Board of Education. Provide your Principal or exempt supervisor with a copy of your resignation letter.
  4. Send your letter to HR Services by one of the following options:
    • e |; or
    • f | 403-541-5640; or
    • Interdepartmental Mail:
      Attn.: HR Services
      Human Resources
      Calgary Board of Education
      3rd Floor, 1221-8th Street SW
      Calgary AB, T2R 0L4

Your resignation letter

Be sure to include the following in your resignation letter:

  1. The date.
  2. Address the letter to:
  3. HR Services
    Human Resources
    Calgary Board of Education

  4. Indicate the reason for your resignation. For example: 

    New job or career change 
    Family reasons

  5. Identify your last day of work, providing the appropriate amount of notice and your resignation date.
  6. Provide your contact phone numbers where you can be reached.
  7. Indicate your full name, position title, department or school and employee number as your signature information.
  8. After your signature information, include your supervisor at the bottom of your letter as a "cc".

Required notice

Notice of your resignation is required as per the School Act.

Teachers (School Act)  30 days*


* This time period for ATA members does not include time where schools are closed during July and August. A teacher intending to retire or resign prior to a new school year must do so by May 31st of the current school year or request that the 30 day notice period be waived.