Substitute Teachers' Group

The Substitute Teachers' Group (STG) is a subgroup of Calgary Public Teachers, Alberta Teachers' Association Local 38. Each year in September, substitute teachers gather at the start-of-year orientation and elect a Committee. The purpose of the STG Committee is to discuss issues/concerns that substitute teachers have and act as advocates to pursue solutions.

The STG welcomes members to view several photo presentations of its members engaging in PD, Association, and social activities:

Your 2020 STG Executive Committee:
2020 STG Executive

If you have questions or concerns regarding substitute teacher conditions of employment or practice, please contact the Local 38 office at 403-262-6616.

Professional Development Opportunities

None at this time


Meetings and Other Events

None at this time


STG Information

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 STG Executive Position Responsibilities
 Chair Vice-Chair Treasurer Secretary

Members at Large (6)

CSR Members (3)
  • chair meetings,
  • chief spokesperson,
  • ensure efficient operation of the STG,
  • attend monthly CSR meetings
  • assist/replace the chair
  • serve as a member of CSR
  • submit group’s budget,
  • maintain a record of revenue and expenditures,
  • coordinate with Local 38 Office Manager to ensure payment of all bills,
  • receive monies owed to STG
  • record minutes,
  • produce notices of meetings,
  • attend to correspondence,
  • preserve files and records for the STG
  • represent the interests of the STG,
  • serve on sub-committees,
  • serve as alternates to CSRs
  • report monthly on the deliberations made at CSR meetings,
  • ensure that an alternate is guaranteed if unable to attend a meeting,
  • serve on other STG committees as required