8 Ways to Stay Informed About Bargaining

What you can do to ensure you don't miss out

As the Association, School Boards, and Government move closer to opening Collective Bargaining across the province, it's more important than ever that members maintain multiple lines of communication with the Association to ensure they receive timely and accurate information about what's happening with their Collective Agreements.

To that end, there are a number of ways that teachers can stay informed:

Obtain a login at teachers.ab.ca.
Many teachers will have done this two years ago when Convention Preregistration was run via the provincial ATA website. If you have forgotten your password, visit https://access.teachers.ab.ca/ and click on “Reset your password”. If you don’t yet have an ATA Online account, visit the same site and click on “Request an account”. You must have a teaching certificate number to register – this can be found via PeopleSoft by following these instructions.  Once you have an account, visit Local 38's "Status Report" page behind the password for the most up-to-date information!

Update your online member profile.
Once you log in to your ATA Online account, go to "Your Account" at the top of the screen and click on "Profile Update". Ensuring the Association has your correct contact information will help get information to you faster and without undue delays.
Sign up for (and read) email updates.
Email updates are sent to Calgary Public Teachers in two different ways. First, Local Lines is sent to your @cbe.ab.ca email address whenever there is a new bargaining update available. You will need to log in to your ATA Online account to view the update (see above).  Provincial ATA also sends more general email updates to teachers' private email addresses, but only if the teacher has signed up to receive it!  Visit bit.ly/membersupdate to sign up - it's fast and easy!
Read the ATA News.
The ATA News is published bi-weekly. Watch for multiple articles of interest as Collective Bargaining progresses.

Download the ATA iPhone app.
The Association maintains an iPhone app, available for free from the iTunes store. Check it out today!
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Read the winter 2015 ATA Magazine.
The winter 2015 edition of the ATA magazine features many articles related to Teacher Welfare's role, the Collective Bargaining Process, benefits, and leaves. An excellent primer for those who might be new to the negotiation process!