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Writing your retirement letter

One of the most important steps in the retirement process is deciding upon a resignation/retirement date, and writing the retirement letter.  Click here for advice and directions on how to write this letter, and where to send it.




Retirement Benefit Information

Teachers retiring from the Calgary Board of Education typically elect to participate in one or both of the major retirement benefit plans available to them:

Naturally, teachers may elect to engage coverage with any private benefit plan they choose. Keep in mind that when an Alberta resident reaches 65 years of age, the resident and all eligible dependants automatically qualify for premium-free Alberta Blue Cross Coverage for Seniors, sponsored by Alberta Health. More information is available from the Government of Alberta website.

In addition, the Alberta School Employee Benefits Plan also offers retiree benefits through their MyRetiree plan to CBE teachers.



Pension Information

Teachers contemplating retirement have a number of avenues to pursue for information. The list below is intended to provide you with a starting point for your queries. We have tried to provide some indication of the kind of information you are likely to find at each source.

ATRF Website:

If you have some simple questions about retirement and your pension plan, the website can be a first good place to begin your research. For example, log into MyPension with your own password you can log onto your personal information and easily find out how much pension income you can expect to receive, depending on the option you choose. This site may be quite valuable in answering basic questions about your pension from ATRF and suggesting more precise questions you could ask when conducting a personal interview.

ATRF Seminars:
The Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund conducts a seminar, titled “Your Pension Matters,” in Calgary each year. These seminars provide general pension information you should consider when planning your retirement. 

ATRF personal interviews:
The Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund also conducts one on one personal interviews several times a year in the Calgary area. They are intended for teachers contemplating retiring within the next three years and can provide information and advice applicable to your personal situation. These are advertised in the ATA News and on the ATRF website. You may also register for an interview through the ATRF website.



Calgary Public Teachers' Retirement Seminar

This annual offering is usually held on a Saturday in late January.  Topics of interest include:

  • Teachers' Pension Plan
  • Federal Benefit and Lifestyle Planning
  • ATRF
  • ARTA
  • ASEBP/Benefits
  • Capital Estate Planning

Please watch for information from your CSR rep on information for the next session. 

January 2024 Retirement Session

Calgary Public Teachers, Alberta Teachers’ Association Local 38 along with Provincial ATA, is sponsoring a virtual seminar for those teachers who are contemplating retirement and would invite your participation.

Digital materials will be sent out to participants near the seminar date.  


Via Zoom, link will be sent out to registered participants.

Date: Saturday January 27, 2024
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

 Pre-Registration Required
Register here!


Confirmation Emails will be sent mid-January.  There is no cost to attend.