Sick Leave

Click to enlargeSick Leave is provided for in Article 10 of the Collective Agreement.

The diagram to the right describes how sick leave operates at the CBE.  Click the graphic to enlarge the chart.  

The CBE and ATA have agreed on the support guidelines that govern sick leave for teachers in the CBE.  Find out more information on:

Considerations for Certificates of Illness and Modified Duties/Accommodations

  • The Employee Health Resource Centre [EHRC] will advise the employee in writing of the requirements when a Certificate of Illness is not completed appropriately. When the appropriate Certificate is received it will be processed as above.
  • Where an employee fails or refuses to provide an adequate Certificate of Illness in a timely manner according to the process the EHRC will determine the reason for not submitting the certificate of Illness and will advise the ECC to continue or stop salary payment as appropriate.
  • Requests for modified duties and accommodative employment may require greater detail about medical restrictions.