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2020 May // Rhonda Hoggard // Glenbrook School


Rhonda Hoggard // Glenbrook School

Rhonda has acted as a mentor and teaching partner to colleagues in need. Rhonda's exceptional organization skills, dedication to early literacy and math education and passion for teaching new learners in grade one has been incredibly inspiring. Rhonda understands the needs of these new learners and dedicates her time to building strong programs that reach the needs of every individual in her care. She now works in an incredibly challenging environment, with students who require intense behaviour and learning support. Rhonda not only reaches each child, but she also inspires her staff by being a learning leader. Her administration are constantly offering and encouraging Rhonda to move on to strategist or administration positions, but her true passion is to teach young children. She gives them the skills and care they need to have in building a strong foundation in which to thrive throughout their education!

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